Joplings Premier Store Now Open

Joplings Premier Store Now Open

Don’t you just hate having to walk miles away or jump in the car just to grab a bottle of milk?

When it’s windy and rainy (thanks Storm Ciara!) you just want to stay in your warm room and not have to set foot out of the door to get your favourite snacks.

Well, now it’s possible at Jopling House Student Accommodation!

Our new commercial unit has been greeted with great enthusiasm from our residents.

Some have even said it was a ‘godsend’!

Now when your running low on food, drink, alcohol or even stationery, you don’t need to go far when its just downstairs (Ok so you step out of the door but the entrance is literally 3 steps away)

So why not check out the new Premier Convenience store where you are able to get freshly cooked hot food, all your essentials, coffee and more.

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