Top 7 Tips for the Best Freshers’ Week… EVER!

Top 7 Tips for the Best Freshers’ Week… EVER!

Excited for freshers’ week? Of the thousands of students across the UK, many are in “Freshers Frenzy”, and why shouldn’t they be? Meeting new people, getting away from home… complete freedom to do anything you like!

Here are 7 quick tips to help you experience the best freshers’ week possible.

Freshers’ week, are you ready?

1. Don’t be scared


No one knows you (well, probably not many people) and you won’t know everyone either, so don’t be afraid to say hi to your next door neighbour (if your living in student accommodation), course mates, or anyone else when you’re out socialising.

Of course, you may feel nervous about starting a conversation with a complete stranger, but really, what have you got to lose?


A great way to start a conversation could be a simple:


“Hi, do you go to uni here?”


Or, if you’re pretty confident, you could go all Joey-esque…


2. Join clubs and societies


This can’t be overstated enough. Joining clubs and societies gives you a chance to meet like-minded people, be part of your own little tribe, and to hang out and chill. When you have down time, or you just need to get your head out of studying, or want someone to have lunch with between classes, you will be able to find someone to hang out with, rather than eating lunch on your own.

Beware, some clubs and societies charge up-front payments, so unless you are really passionate about that particular subject and are certain you’ll make the most of the meet ups and activities, look for cheaper alternatives.



3. Get your paperwork done and save a load of money


Here’s the boring bit, but it’s probably going to save you a load of money and headaches. Getting all your paperwork done early, such as your student card, officially enrolling, sorting out your council tax, TV licence and getting your student loans arranged, will make your first weeks a lot easier.

Don’t forget your passport, bank details, passport sized photos and acceptance letter when it comes to doing all your paperwork as it makes it a lot easier and as stress free as possible. This will set you up nicely for freshers’ week and beyond.

4. Try not to attend every single event that is on


It’s tempting when people ask you to come along to events, and it’s only natural that you want to please them by agreeing, but don’t go to every single event that is on. Not only will your head and wallet hurt from attending all these events, you’ll probably find it quite stressful trying to fit them in your schedule.

By (politely) saying no, or by making up a plausible excuse, you’re able to let yourself recuperate and chill out between events so that you can really enjoy the events you’re actually looking forward to.


Other ways you can do this is by actually organising a small event at home or at your student accommodation. This way you can still meet new people, chill out in front of the TV or get a movie night going (if you’re staying in one of our student accommodations, you’ll find that our dedicated cinema room is perfect for this) and have some home-made cocktails, which is far cheaper than going on a night out and better than shouting over loud music and queuing up in the rain.

5. Stock up for the morning


Let’s be real, you’re probably going to have a hangover at some point in your freshers’ week, and if you’re not the drinking type, you’re going to be staying out late meeting new people, so don’t forget about the morning after when you just can’t be bothered to get out of bed.


If you are drinking type, then remember to get your tried and tested hangover cure ready (no… more alcohol is not the answer), so if your cure is a full English breakfast, or a strong cup of coffee, just make sure that you have some in the fridge waiting. It’ll save you an absolute fortune in the long run and you’ll be thanking us for the tip when all you can do is walk to the bathroom.

6. Make friends the easy way

For those that find it difficult to meet new people, the best and easiest way to strike up a conversation with a complete stranger is by doing a fancy dress party. It’s an instant way to break the ice and you’ll be surprised how many people will actually come to you and start talking.


If you or your friends are the creative types, you can make a costume or look with very little money. The more outlandish, bright and funny your costume is, the more people will want to speak to you, we promise!

7. Take it easy on the alcohol

Yes, fresher’s week is for partying and drinking, but don’t be that person who is sick all the time from drinking; you’ll quickly get a reputation for overdoing it, which can stick around for many years.

Not only will you have to deal with the after effects (see point 5), your wallet will be much lighter and your friends far fewer as they’d have to be looking after you rather than having a good time.

8. Ration your money/ student loan

Finally, the one thing we always recommend to students is to ration your money. There’s nothing that feels worse than finishing freshers’ week, looking at your bank account and seeing that you’re going to be living off bread and water for the next few months. Set aside some money and be extra vigilant that you’re not going to start using that money for drinking and partying.


If you’re going to Teesside University or Sunderland University, we would love to hear about your freshers’ experience and what your tips are for having the best experience possible.

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